This is my hell

This is my hell

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Why is anyone friends with me? Why does my boyfriend put up with this? Snapchat me at sphillips14!

So, Ive been meaning to address something on here for a little bit and its why Ive been so bummed out and I havent been saying much. Friday April 11, 2014 the man who I looked up to and considered to be an imspiration was accused of something awful. My student teacher was accused of starting a relationship with a young man of the age 16 at the high school. As of right now he is under investigation and had to stay out of classes, I never got the chance to say good-bye to him, tell him I loved him, and thank him for the inspiration he was to me. Mr. Dusard touched my life in such a way that I finally felt comfortable in my own skin. He taught me to be comfortable in what I know, he taught me to be myself, not to allow my literary knowledge embarrass me.

In a way I guess he knew something would happen and we wouldnt be able to say good-bye, so when we departed on that Thursday and he encouraged my intelligence it left me with a bit of comfort. The last thing he ever said to me was an encouraging comment telling me to push forward with my knowledge. And I couldnt really ask for more. He came to me in the blink of an eye, but he came when I needed him most. When I was down trodden, feeling helpless and hopeless, nearing the end of my rope, he came to me and added a spark to my life, and in the blink of an eye due to a rumor in school he was taken away from me. And not only from me but from all of his students that loved him. Its not fair, but the only thing I can do right now is stand by his side during this time. He always stood by mine.

So, thank you Mr. Joesph Dusard, wherever you are out there, wherever you may be, however you read this, please know you are still loved. No matter how this works out (though I hope in your favor) that youll be okay. Who knows, maybe one day Ill see you again and Ill be able to tell you all of this in person.

So, let this be a note to all of those who follow me or read this: never take anyone or anything for granted because they/it can be taken from you in the blink of an eye, cherish what you have when you have it.

Please know you are loved Mr. Dusard. By most of your students. You inspired us to be ourselves and not care what people think. Thank you for that, and thank you for your love.

Samantha (Pd. 4)