Gave my friend my vibrator so she could hide it while I was gone and she has yet to return it to me, and I am one pissed off horney girl…


five nights at freddy’s more like

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Warning: I just switched my text tone to Gavin squawking and my ring tone to the technical difficulties music. I am giddy…

»»»»> When you get sent home from boot camp and they tell you to take a relaxing week off, but instead your parents spend the week harassing you and telling you to get a job, go to college, and clean the house. How am I expected to apply for a job, and apply for college when I clean all day every day? This is annoying!!!


Fall Out Boy and Gabe Saporta play Death Valley and Sugar We’re Going Down

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gavin free? yes absolutely


but smash mouth come on!



but smash mouth come on!

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